Péter Zilahy

Péter ZilahyPéter Zilahy was born in 1970 in Budapest, Hungary. He is a many-sided author, whose prose and poetry are widely translated and who often performs on stage, combining photography and interactive media in his work. His collection of poems, Statue Under a White Sheet Ready to Jump, was published in 1993 and has won the Móricz Zsigmond Prize. His dictionary novel, The Last Window Giraffe, was published in 1998 and has been since translated into 18 languages. Among many other awards it has won ’The Book of the Year Prize’ in Ukraine in 2003. The author has had exhibi­tions all over Europe and has performed new media presentations based on the book – and on The Last Window Giraffe CD-ROM – in 28 countries. Since 1998 Zilahy has been senior editor of The World Literature Series, first at Jak Books and later at Gondolat Publish­ers. In 2001 he was a visiting scholar at New York Uni­versity. In 2002, Ludwig Museum Budapest held an ex­hibition of his selected photographs and interactive works. In 2003 he had an exhibition in Akademie Schloss Solitude, where his book of short proses, Drei, was also published. In 2007 he published a collection in Budapest with the title Three plus 1 written in seven genres. In May 2007 his theatre play Der lange Weg nach nebenan was performed in Volksbühne, Berlin. Touring Germany it was also played in Leipzig, Stutt­gart, Weimar and Düsseldorf. The author regularly publishes his essays in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zei­tung, in the Tagesspiegel and in Die Welt. Zilahy Péter (the Hungarian name) presently lives in Buda and is working on a novel.