Slobodan Tišma

Slobodan TišmaSlobodan Tisma, was born in 1946 in Stara Pazova. He studied Literature in Novi Sad and Belgrade. As a youth he was involved with conceptual art and rock music. He currently lives in Novi Sad. He has published four books: “Marinisms” (1995), “Garden as Such” (1997), “Blues Diary” (2001) and “Urvidek” (2005) for which he was given the “Stevan Sremac” award. The magazine “Gradina”, in its issue from 17/2007, published a literary portrait of Slobodan Tisma. Slobodan Vladusic, Sneza­na Bozic, Marijana Milosevic and Branislava Vasic-Ra­kocevic wrote about his book “Urvidek”. In the 59th number of the “Zlatna greda” magazine from Septem­ber 2006, about the International Novi Sad festival, with the topic “Novi Sad as a Narrative Area”, about the book “Urvidek” wrote: Mihajlo Pantic, Slobodan Vladu­sic i Mladen Veskovic. In the magazine “Sarajevske sveske” No. 14, 2006, in the topic of that number “Con­temporary story”, reviews of “Urvidek” were written by Tanja Rosic and Vladislava Gordic-Petkovic.