Goran Petrović

Goran PetrovićGoran Petrović was born in 1961 in Kraljevo. He works as Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine ’Povelja’ and the publishing department of the ’Stefan Prvovenčani’ National Library.

In over seventy editions he has published: the short prose collection Advice for an Easier Life (1989), the novel The Sky-Locked Atlas (1993), the story collection The Island and Neighbouring Stories (1996), the novel The Siege of the Saint Salvation Church (1997), the novel The ’Stroke of Luck’ Haberdashery Shop (2000), the short story collection The Neighbours (2002), the short prose selection Everything I Know about Time (2003), the dramatic text Ferry (2004), the short story collection Differences (2006) and the book of writings Browser (2007).

Petrović’s novels and books of selected stories have been published in French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, Polish, Slovenian, Ukrainian and Macedonian in over twenty editions.