Zoran ĆirićZoran Ćirić (Niš, 1962)
This Serbian storyteller, novelist, essayist and poet has won the most prestigious book award in Serbian literature – the ’NIN Award’ for the best novel of the year for the novel The Hobo (2001), while his first novel Eavesdropping was in the selection for the same prize. He has also received the award of the National Library of Serbia for the most popular book (2002) as well as the ‘Borislav Pekić’ and ‘Branko Radičević’ Awards.
Despite the cult status and controversial reactions that his works provoke in the most part of our cultural establishment – or maybe for this very reason – many of his prose works have seen several editions, while some of the titles are acknowledged best-sellers.
Collection of stories: The Golden Decade, Nisville, Caliber 23 for an Expert, Vulvarians, Zen Serbiana, Defense of Cities, Tell Mama, A Thing of Antiquity, Gang of Four, Hard Core Love, A Solid Heart, Body Guards; novels: Eavesdropping, The Hobo, Death in El Paso, Cesspool, The Night of All Saints; book of pop essays: The Wild Bunch/Notes from a Dirty Young Man; poetry: Rio Bravo, Remix, Wah Wah, Secret Life in Serbia, Post, Poems on Trades; book – A Catalogue of Sponsors, The Magic Ghetto, (coauthored by Zlatko Ristić Paya).
Zoran Ćirić is the author of numerous essays on popular culture published in the period from 1990 to 1991 in former Yugoslavia’s leading pop magazine ‘Rhythm’. Back in the early nineties he earned in the widest literary circles the title of “Serbian Bukowski” while today he is often regarded as “the founder of rock-and-roll literature in Serbia”. He has published over a hundred columns in the magazines “NIN”, “Playboy”, “Europe,” “Standard”, “Reporter”, “Fun Time” as well as in the daily papers “Politika” and “Danas”. The only international jazz festival in Niš is named after the title of his collection of stories, Nisville. The motives taken from his stories and novels are used in as many as three radio plays and one theater play.
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