radoslav petkovicRADOSLAV PETKOVIĆ was born in 1953 in Belgrade where he graduated from the Faculty of Philology, Yugoslav and General Literature Department. He has published:
Novels: Put u Dvigrad (The Trip to Dvigrad) (1979, “Miloš Crnjanski” Award); Zapisi iz godine jagoda (Notes from the Year of Strawberries) (1983); Senke na zidu (Shadows on the Wall)(1985); Sudbina i komentari (Destiny and Commentaries) (1993, awards: “Meša Selimović”, “Borba’s Best Book of the Year Award, NIN’s Best Novel of the Year Award, in 2004 listed in the top ten novels awarded by NIN) and Savršeno sećanje na smrt (A Perfect Memory of the Death) (2008, “Bora Stanković” Award).
Books of stories: Izveštaj o kugi (A Report on Plague) (1989, “Andrić” Award); Čovek koji je živeo u snovima (The Man Who Lived in Dreams) (1998, “Vital” Book of the Year Award).
Essayist prose books: Ogled o mački (A Study of A Cat) (1995), O Mikelanđelu govoreći (Speaking of Michelangelo) (2006) and Vizantijski internet (The Byzantine Internet) (2007, Ramond Serbic Award for the entire work), as well as the books of short essays: Upotreba vilenjaka (The Use of Elves) (2008)
selected press texts: Događaj godine (The Event of the Year) (2010).
Radoslav Petković’ stories are included in several anthologies published in our country and abroad.
He has translated from English the books by Defoe, Chesterton, Stephenson and Tolkien.
Radoslav Petković’ works have been translated into French, Greek, Hungarian, English, German, Russian, Italian, Slovakian and Bulgarian.
He was a Secretary of the Ivo Andrić Endowment from 1988 to 1994, and the Director of the Institute for School Textbooks from 2001 to 2004.
Married to Prof Dr Vladislava Gordić Petković, he lives and works in Novi Sad.