Radovan Beli Marković

Beli MarkovićRadovan BELI MARKOVIĆ, born on 10th October 1947 in the village of Ćelije near Lazarevac, writes short stories, novelettes and novels, publishing since 1969.
Books of stories: Crni kolač (Black Cake), 1983; Švapska kosa (The Swabian Scythe), 1989; Godine raspleta (The Years of Denouement) 1992; Živčana japija, 1994, 2003 (final version); Stare priče (Old Stories), 1996; Setembrini u Kolubari (Settembrini in Kolubara) 1996, 1997; Male priče (Little Stories) 1999, 2000; Aša, 2007; Ćorava strana (The Blind Side), selected and new stories, 2007.
Novels: Palikuća i Tereza milosti puna (The Arsonist and Teresa the Merciful), 1976, 1992 and 1996 (final version included in Stare priče); Lajkovačka pruga (The Railroad of Lajkovac) 1997, 1998, 2001, 2004; Limunacija u Ćelijama (Illemonation in Ćelije) 2000, 2005; Poslednja ruža Kolubare (The Last Rose of Kolubara), 2001, 2002, 2003; Knez Miškin u Belom Valjevu (Prince Mishkin in White Valjevo), 2002, 2003; Devet belih oblaka (Nine White Clouds), 2003 (first edition ‘Filip Višnjić’, final version ‘Narodna knjiga’); Orkestar na pedale (A Pedal-driven Orchestra), 2004, 2009 – Evro Giunti: the second polished edition; Kavaljeri Starog premera (The Cavaliers of the Old Measure) 2006; Kolubarska trilogija (The Kolubara Trilogy) (Lajkovačka pruga/Limunacija u Ćelijama/Poslednja ruža Kolubare), The Library of Great Novels, Prosveta, Belgrade, 2008; Gospođa Olga (Mrs Olga) 2010.
Awards and recognitions: Award of the Cultural-Educational Society of Valjevo for Švapska kosa, Andrić Award for the book of stories Setembrini u Kolubari, ‘Bora Stanković’ and ‘Biblios’ Awards for Male priče, Nolit Award and ‘Branko Ćopić’ Award for Lajkovačka pruga (given by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Committee), for Limunacija u Ćelijama awards: ‘Meša Selimović’ and ‘Račanska povelja’, for Poslednja ruža Kolubare golden award ‘Žak Konfino’, Award of the Valjevo-based weekly ‘Napred’ for Knez Miškin u Belom Valjvu, ‘Stevan Sremac’ Award for Orkestar na pedale, as well as three Hit Libris Awards from the Second Channel of National Television for the most read book, and ‘Veljkova golubica’ Award by the City of Sombor – for the short story life opus.
Radovan Beli Marković has been a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia since 1976 and the Serbian Literary Society since 2000, holding a title of standing out artist since 2009.
Stories authored by Radovan Beli Marković have been included in several selections and anthologies (in Serbian, German, English, Ukrainian and Macedonian), have seen their radiophone adaptations and several airing within the Radio Belgrade’s Second and Third Programmes (Živčana japija, dramatised by Zvonimir Kostić, directed by Božidar Đurović; Crni kolač, dramatised and directed by Boda Marković). His prose – besides the sections of the ‘Međaj’ magazine (No.40, Užice, 1997) and on nobler occasions, during the last decade, in the Letopis of Matica srpksa – was written about in the compendium Serbian Contemporary Prose (Trstenik, 2003), as well as in long thematic segments in the journals ‘Gradina’ (Niš, 2006) and ‘Literature’ (Belgrade, 2008).
The author’s prose has been a subject of books: Radovan Beli Marković, Stilske i jezičke igre (Playing with Style and Language) (Valjevo, 2005) by Vitomir Vuletić; Pesničko pripovedanje (Poetic Story-telling) (Belgrade, 2006) by Stojan Đorđić, as well as the compendium The Prose of Radovan Beli Marković, from the scientific symposium on his work, with a selective bibliography composed by Branka Jović (Valjevo, 2009).
His prose has also been subject of doctoral theses – at the Faculty of Philology and Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade.
Radovan Beli Marković is a permanent member-associate of Matica srpska and Serbian PEN Centre.
He lives and writes in Lajkovac.