Vule Žurić

Vule ZuricVule Žurić was born in Sarajevo in 1969.
He has published the following books of stories: Umri muški (Die Hard), 1991, Dvije godine hladnoće (Two Years of Coldness), 1995, U krevetu sa Madonom (In Bed with Madonna), 1998, Valceri i snošaji (Waltzes and Copulations), 2001, Muljin ruž (Mouljin Rouge), 2003 and Katenačo (Catenaccio), 2011
novels: Blagi dani zatim prođu (And Then the Holy Days Are Gone), 2001, Rinfuz (In Bulk), 2003, Tigrero, 2005, Crne ćurke i druga knjiga crnih ćurki (Black Turkeys and the Second Book of Black Turkeys), 2006, Mrtve brave (Dead Bolts), 2008, Narodnjakova smrt (The Death of a Folk Singer), 2009 and Nedelja pacova (The Week of the Rat), 2010.
He has authored the following radio-dramas: Omča od hartije (A Paper Noose), dedicated to the life and death of Bora Stanković, Čovek bez peripetija (A Man without Hassles), dedicated to Milan Rakić, Ostrvo Uskoković (Island Uskoković), dedicated to Milutin Uskoković, Crni glas za belu hartiju (A Black Voice for White Paper), dedicated to Emanuil Janković and Branin orfeuum u Zunzarinoj palate (Brana’s Orpheum in Garbage Fly’s Palace), dedicated to Brana Cvetković. The dramas, produced by the Radio Belgrade’s Drama Programme have been aired on the waves of the National Service. He has also co-authored the screen play for the graduation film of Miloš Ajdinović Mrtav čuvek štuca (A Dead Man Hiccups).
Žurić’ stories have been translated into German, Polish, Slovenian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Hungarian and Italian. In 2003 his selected stories were published in Italian under the title Stassera a mezzogiorno (Tonight at Noon) by Edizzioni Tagete.
He lives in Pančevo, where he leads a number of literary programmes, affirming the youngest generation of Pančevo’s authors.