zarko radakovicHe was born in Novi Sad, in 1947. He finished elemen­tary and high-school in Zemun. In Belgrade he gradu­ated in World Literature, and in Tübingen he graduated in Germanistics, Art History and Philosophy. He is the author of the novels: Tübingen (1990, Pan Dusicki) (was in the shortlist for the NIN Award), Repetitions (along with Scott Abbott) (1994, Vreme knjige), Knifer (1994, B92), Emigrations (1997, B92), The Look (2002, Stubovi kulture), Vampires (2008, is being prepared).     He has translated twenty-two books written by Peter Handke. He is the editor of many miscellany and anthologies: “About the Reception of Literature of Peter Handke” (Literature critics Belgrade. 1986), “About Art to Julius Knifer” (Stuttgart 1990), “About Work Difficulties in Cre­ating Art” (Raspis 1987), “About the Motive of Child­hood and Family Life” (Gornji Milanovac 1987), “About Walking through Art and Literature” (Stuttgart/Ham­burg 1989). He cooperated with the artist Era Milivojevic from 1971 to 1973: and had performances: “Medex” (Bitef, Bel­grade., 1971), “The Turtle” (SKC, Belgrade., 1972), “Swan Lake” (Gallery in a palace in Albania, Belgrade., 1973). Novel Era. Memories of „The Turtle“ (2008, being pre­pared). Since 1978 he has been living in Germany. Since 1986 he has been cooperating with artist Julius Knifer from Zagreb. Monograph: Julije Knifer. Mäandar 19601990. (Stuttgart: Flugasche 1990.) He was the editor of the German magazine for litera­ture and art Das Nachtcafé (Stuttgart, Klett-Cotta). Since 1990 he has been the editor of the radio Deut­sche Welle. Since 2006 he has been cooperating with the artist Nina Pops. Book: „Peter Handke: Loss of the Picture (Der Bildverlust)“ (double, parallel translation of the frag­ment of the novel into Serbian, and into the language of painting), (bibliophilic edition) in Cologne 2007. In 2008 he started working on the anthology of “Ser­bian Prose in the Reception of Peter Handke “. (Das Schreibheft, Hesse). Since 1990 he has been living in Cologne.