Muharem BazduljMuharem Bazdulj (Travnik, 1977) graduated in English Language and American Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He has translated essays by Paul Auster and Selman Rushdie as well as poetry by Joseph Brodsky, Philip Larkin, William Butler Yeats and Richard Wilbur.
He has published four story collections: One like a Song (Bosanska knjiga, Sarajevo, 1999); Druga knjiga (The Second Book) (Bosanska knjiga, Sarajevo, 2000) Travničko trojstvo (The Travnik Trinity) (Durieux, Zagreb, 2002); Čarolija (Magic) (Gradac, Čačak, 2008);
Three novels: Koncert (A Concert) (VBZ, Zagreb, 2003); Đaur i Zulejha (Đaur and Zulejha) (Zoro, Sarajevo/Zagreb, 2005); Tranzit, kometa, pomračenje (Transit, Comet, Eclipse) (Ajfelov most, Sarajevo, 2007);
A collection of essays: Poslovi i dani (Chores and Days) (Civitas, Sarajevo, 2005)
A collection of columns: Filigranski pločnici (The Filigree Pavements) (XX vek, Beograd, 2009)
A collection of poems: Heroes (VBZ, Zagreb, 2007)
His title The Second Book was awarded the “Soros Foundation – Open Society BiH” prize for the best collection of stories in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2000. An English translation of the same title The Second Book was published in 2005 by Northwestern University Press, in their famous edition Writings From an Unbound Europe. Koncert was published in Polish by Czarne in 2007. Đaur i Zulejh was released in German (Der Ungläubige und Zulejha) by Viennese Seifert Verlag in 2008