Anton Balaž

Anton BalazAnton BalÁž (Slovakia) was born in 1943 in Lehota. He is one of the most important contemporary Slovakian writers. Best-known as a novelist, Anton Baláž is also a playwright, publicist and author of several television screenplays.
The most important novels: Senke prošlosti (Shadows of the Past, 1978), Ovde živite (You Live Here, 1983), Hirurški Dekameron (The Surgical Decameron, 1989), The Camp of Fallen Women (1993), Doživotna ljubav (Lifelong Love, 1995), Hronika srećnije budućnosti (The Chronicle of a Happier Future, 1997), Penelopin povratak (Penelope’s Return, 1998), Zaboravljena zemlja (The Forgotten Country, 2000), Bogovi sezone (The Gods of Season, 2003).
Baláž’s novels are characterised by a critical and grotesque image of social everydayness. Baláž has shaped a picture of a totalitarian communist society in Eastern Europe, while in his works written after the 1990s, he powerfully sheds light on the holocaust of the Jewish community in Slovakia. His novel The Camp of Fallen Women is the best known book by Anton Baláž. In 1997, this book was adopted for film, released under the same title. The novel has been translated into Serbian.
Anton Baláž lives in Bratislava.