Jelena Lengold

Jelena LengoldJelena Lengold (1959), a poet, storyteller and novelist. Jelena Lengold spent about ten years working as a journalist and editor of the cultural programme of Radio Belgrade. After that, until September 2011, she worked as a project-coordinator for the Nansenskolen Humanistic Academy from Lillehammer in Norway, teaching Conflict Management.
She lives in Belgrade as a professional writer.
Books of poetry: Raspad botanike (The Collapse of Botany, 1982), Vrete­no (Spindle, 1984), Podneblje maka (The Poppy Land, 1986), Prolazak an­đe­la (The Passage of Angels, 1989), Sličice iz života kapelmajstora (Pictures from Life of a Chapel Master, 1991) and Bunar teških reči (The Well of Hard Words, 2011). Her book of poems Sličice iz života kapelmajstora earned her the Đura Jakši
Books of stories: Pokisli lavovi (Rain Soaked Lions, 1994), Lift (1999), Va­šar­ski mađioničar (A Circus Magician, 2008, 2009) and Pretesteriši me (Saw Me in Half, 2009).
She has received the European Literary Award for her book of stories Va­šar­ski mađioničar, as well as the awards Žensko pero, Biljana Jovanovi
and the Golden Hit Liber.
Novel: Baltimor (Baltimore) (2003, 2011).
Prose and poetry of Jelena Lengold have been translated into English, Italian, Danish, French, Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Czech.
Stories by Jelena Lengold have been selected for a number of anthologies and reviews of contemporary Serbian literature published in Serbia and abroad.