Goce Smilevski was born in 1975 in Skopje. He is the author of the novels Planet of Inexperience (2000), Conversation with Spinoza (2002), Freud’s Sister (2010) and Return of the Words (2015). He has won multiple international awards, including ‘European Union Prize for Literature’ and “Premio per la Cultura Mediterranea”. His novels have been translated into 30 languages.

Stunning… Bold and unexpected.

(Joyce Carol Oates, The New York Review of Books, USA)

 I’ve been deeply moved… It’s very difficult to forget and is very likely to be as controversial as it is acclaimed.

(Joyce Carol Oates, Elle, USA)

Like Tolstoy, Smilevski chooses to use simple words, but to connect them eloquently so that they build to create powerful and complex images, ideas and feelings.

(Forward, USA)

 One of the most interesting literary events of the year … Important … easy to read, interesting and profound… Smilevski is an excellent writer.

(Dubravka Ugresic, Liberation, France)

 This gem of a book is deeply moving… Unforgettable.

(Publishers Weekly, USA)

 Rich, varied, and complex … A novel of high intellect, enthusiastically recommended …

(Library Journal, USA)

 A young heir to Gunter Grass and Jose Saramago, Smilevski might be the newest of a rare thing – a living European novelist with a message for the future of his continent.

(Joshua Cohen, USA)

 Strong, multi-layered, obsessive [like] José Saramago.

(La Repubblica, Italy)

 A deep, intelligent, boldly imaginative work, Freud’s Sister demonstrates how fiction can raise certain essential questions that history cannot or does not dare to raise.

 (Alberto Manguel, El País, Spain)

Smilevski is sensible and bold novelist.

(Paris Match, France)